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Preventing & Treating Gum Disease

In order that this major dental problem is adequately addressed we employ dental hygienists and dental therapists whose main role is to support the dentists in the treatment and prevention of gum disease.


Periodontal (gum) disease is still by far and away the biggest single cause of tooth loss in adult patients. In the past the progress of this disease was considered inevitable and the only treatment available was extraction of the affected teeth and the provision of dentures. Happily today this is no longer the case and with early detection coupled with regular treatment we are seeing an increasingly large percentage of patients preserving a full natural dentition into their seventies and beyond.

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Dental Therapists are able to provide many of the services that a dentist can provide, and work closely with the dentist to complete prescribed treatments on referral. Therapists are able to provide the following services:

  • Fillings using amalgam, composite, or any other direct filling material; for adults or for children
  • Scaling, polishing and Periodontal treatment
  • Extraction of deciduous teeth in children
  • Applying fluoride treatments to the teeth
  • Local anaesthetic injections
  • Dental impressions
  • Taking radiographs
  • Refixing loose crowns or bridges

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